Love What You Dig

Beautiful, Ecological Garden Environments

Since 2008, I have been designing, installing and managing Catskill gardens for humans, birds, bees, bugs and butterflies. As of 2021 I have officially retired from install and maintenance to focus on design and garden coaching.

I love plants, trees, the earth and all of her critters and believe we are all connected in this Web of Life so I treat plants, trees, the earth and all of her critters with respect.

Humans love the garden spaces because they beautifully offer respite and oasis from the hectic world while being ecologically responsible maintaining a high level of biodiversity and regenerating naturally. My goal is to rewild as many landscapes as possible to support ecological and human resilience in Climate Crisis.

I am also learning from indigenous peoples’ methods of land relationship and land stewardship, people around the world who are studying plant sentience  and human – plant reciprocity. Current Western industrialized view of the natural world merely as resources for consumption forgets that trees and other plants are alive and – evidence is supporting this – also, sentient and have rights to exist just as humans, animals, insects, water etc. If you are interested in this sort of work, please visit the following organizations for more information: Bioneers, Plant Pioneers, and read this article from Yale Environment 360.

COVID-19: Since April 1st 2020 when working and meeting with clients we have been following social distancing protocols, wearing masks and following sanitizing protocols as set forth in New York State Ag and Markets. We are very busy and appreciate your patience as we navigate the new ways of working and the increased demand for pollinator, ecological and edible gardens. As you think about your garden areas, we suggest adding edible and medicinal plants: garlic, horseradish, oregano, elderberry, rhubarb, fruit trees and transforming the term ‘weed’ into ‘friend’. Many of the best medicinal plants are judged as weeds and grow wild in our landscapes.

New Client Update 2021/2022: We are currently accepting new clients for Garden Coaching and Landscape Design only and are no longer offering installation or maintenance services. Please visit the Services Page for more information. Due to high demand, landscape design is booking into July 2022 for initial consults.

New Events Summer 2022: In an effort to make ecological garden design and rewilding princples to everyone at varying pricepoints, this summer I have partnered with the Emerson Resort in Mount Tremper, NY to offer monthly Bringing Nature Home informal classes. Class costs vary but all are $55 and under per person per class. For more information check the Emerson website under Experiences.