KUL's Hand drawn landscape plans
“A grateful heart has a deep respect for Nature.” Shumei Natural Agriculture "

The Process

From Drawings to Finished Environment

1. Initial Client Meeting

We walk the landscape while I take a quick landscape inventory and listen to the client's desires and needs. I ask questions regarding lifestyle and land use requirements and any special needs of family members from children, aging parents to family pets.

2. Landscape Statement

Usually within a week, I prepare a Landscape Statement which recaps my client meeting, lists priorities, and also gives my general impression of possible landscape design points such as color palette, plant selection and spatial uses.

3. Design

If the client enjoys my initial suggestions, we move to the Design Phase. I return to the site, take measurements of perimeters, architecture, existing plant materials and other physical aspects of the landscape and conduct an in-depth Site Inventory and Analysis which, along with the client's program requirements, research and inspirations, combine to create a fully realized, hand drafted, to scale Landscape Plan with Plant List and any necessary supplemental drawings.

4. Second Client Meeting

I meet with the client (or prepare a virtual presentation via email) to present the Landscape Plan. We agree on design elements, budgets and phasing of installation work.

5. Installation Estimates

I create Installation Estimates of phases of Installation Work.

6. Installation

Landscape Installation occurs with my crew over a period of days or weeks, depending on complexity of the project, weather and schedules of any additional subcontractors and/or machinery.

7. Maintenance

I prefer to maintain newly installed landscapes, at least for the first year post-installation. Plants require regular watering the first year to become established and happy in their new environment.

8. Enjoyment

Year one the landscape settles in, plants are putting down strong roots. Year two, the landscape takes shape but in year three, the landscape fully jumps alive as plants have had a chance to grow, spread out and become lush and full.

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