A summer wedding under the tent
“What were gardens but magical spaces created with the intention of attracting the gods?” Fernando Caruncho

Floral Design for Events

Karin Ursula Landscapes offers floral design for weddings and holiday gatherings. In the summer months, flower sources are local and organic like Domesticities and The Cutting Garden in the Southern Catskills. Wild gatherings of flowers like Queen Anne's Lace, New York ironweed, golden rod, asters and Canada daylilies mingle with specialty flowers to enhance arrangements and bouquets. Cuttings of long, thin sword-like ornamental grasses are frequently used for embellishment.

For winter holiday designs, the materials are usually hemlock, white pine, juniper, spruce, fir and broadleaf evergreens like rhododendrons or mountain laurel along with red Staghorn sumac fruits, hickory nutshells and pine cones.

Event design materials are sustainably harvested of the place and naturalistic, bringing the beauty and colors of the season in doors or under tents. A little bit of glitter sometimes arrives in the manner of silver spray painted branches or respectfully pruned white birches.

leaf pattern