About Karin Ursula Landscapes

Karin Ursula Landscapes, Inc. is a boutique, full service landscape design firm offering Design, Installation and Maintenance. I am Karin Ursula Edmondson, the founder and owner. I hold a Masters of Science in Landscape Design from Columbia University and a Certificate of Participation in Cornell's Agroforestry Practitioner Training.

While I am solely responsible for the design, during the installation phase I haul soil, shovel mulch and nestle each shrub, tree and perennial into the earth, alongside my crew. For larger earthmoving projects, I hire subcontractors with appropriate machinery. My landscape plans are to scale and entirely hand-drafted; they are the product of rigorous site inventory and analysis, client specifications, inspirations esoteric and practical, terroir, spirit and beauty. Terrain, drainage and the movement of sun and of wind are all factors that synthesize into beautiful landscape designs unique to their place.

Whether creating a new garden or restoring an existing landscape, each journey begins with a client meeting and dialogue where goals, priorities and budgets are identified. Projects involve direct participation from the client from identifying personal needs to eventual engagement in the act of gardening. It is my hope that my clients become empowered to manage and even redesign their gardens and landscapes according to their evolving lifestyles.

Partnering with Nature is my goal. I believe in the Spirit than animates all life on earth and strive for a low impact and respectful approach to landscape design and installation. Organic gardening principles guide my garden installations and I never use synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or “icides.” I also value mature plants and often save and reincorporate these plants into a new landscape scheme. I prefer to use native plants when possible and to employ herbs and plants for their capabilities in attracting beneficial insects or repelling nuisance critters. For example, voles and moles — common invaders of gardens — both have sensitive noses and are much repelled by plants in the Allium family such as onions, chives, garlic chives, leeks and garlic. Scattering Alliums in ornamental beds helps to reduce the incidence of vole and mole damage. Recycling materials, composting and rainwater collection are other methods I use to create sustainable and holistic environments.

Karin Ursula Landscapes' residential clients are located in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region areas of Phoenicia, Chichester, Woodland Valley, Platte Cove, Shandaken, Windham, Newburgh, and Hurley. Commercial clients are located in Kingston and the ski resort areas of Hunter and Windham.

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